Cindy Buss

Operations Manager

After 16 years in the accounting profession, Cindy Buss describes herself as fully depreciated, but still in productive use. We just describe her as experienced! Cindy is the hub of the wheel for our firm, overseeing daily office tasks, supporting and managing staff, and coordinating events such as team meetings, retreats and weekly card games and meals. She also handles the firm’s own accounts payable and receivables, which kind of makes her both staff and a client, too.

Cindy’s professional inspiration and motivation comes from working with the dedicated Buss team, whom she considers extended family (with one in particular she considers immediate family). Cindy encourages aspiring professionals and entrepreneurs to be passionate about their work and remember that communication is key to understanding customer needs and expectations.

Outside of work, Cindy has served on the board of the Hartford Area Chamber of Commerce and is passionate about Characters of Kindness, a local non-profit providing food, clothing and other assistance to people in need. Outnumbered mostly in multiples of six, she has six amazing stepchildren, six delightful grandchildren, a terrific stepson-in-law and a faithful dog, Baxter. Cindy enjoys coffee, reading, walking, and attending her grandchildren’s events—a top priority that keeps her calendar packed.