Keely Mehling

Client Manager

Did someone say “coffee?” If you do, chances are our client services manager Keely Mehling will appear! A self-admitted javaholic, Keely energetically assists our clients with everyday accounting needs, including payroll processing, tax preparation, account reconciliation, financial statements and all manner of questions.

Keely has been in the accounting industry for six years, having interned for three years with the Buss team before joining us full-time. She holds a Master of Professional Accountancy degree from the University of South Dakota. Her expertise spans various industries, including construction, restaurants, and service-based businesses. Keely’s approach to client service is rooted in her belief that accounting is more than just numbers; it’s about supporting the livelihoods of her clientele of hard-working entrepreneurs.

Keely comes from a large family, which means she’s never at a loss for ways to keep busy and on-the-go outside the office. In between work and family, she also finds time to study for the CPA exam. (Now we understand why she loves coffee so much!) Keely draws professional motivation from her mother’s success and fulfillment in her career, and she encourages aspiring professionals and entrepreneurs to always keep learning. And when in doubt, order the extra shot of espresso.